Sheet metal bending

Iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass bent to perfection

Nanni Ottavio has 4 hydraulic bending presses with bending length up to 4 m and 200 tons of power, capable of producing boxes/containers with 400 mm high edges in one single piece.

In March 2016 Nanni Ottavio acquired a fifth fully electric bending press, so as to guarantee greater speed and fluidity in the work, and installed a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) programming system that simulates the bending sequence in advance.

The CAM programming system

Advance simulation of the bending sequence

In order to offer a sheet bending service with the utmost precision, the Nanni Ottavio workshops installed the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) programming system in the company. The system allows us to programme the presses, while the machine is idle, from the office and in a graphic way, providing advance simulation of the bending sequence and possible collisions. In this way, the customer can check the result of their project in advance, and request any changes to the bending sequence.

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