A point of reference in metalworking for third parties

We work on the customer's project, offering ?solutions for the most varied end uses

With 5 lasers for cutting and processing tubes, including those with large dimensions, and 3 lasers for sheet metal, Nanni Ottavio, in Savignano sul Rubicone, represents a national point of reference in the field of mechanics for third parties.

Tube laser cutting Sheet metal laser cutting


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  1. Creation

    A story that has its roots in the 70s

    Ottavio Nanni starts his carpentry work in his home garage, in Savignano sul Rubicone and becomes one of the first suppliers of the Rimini-based company SCM.

    1989 is the year of the turning point: Ottavio Nanni starts his own business and Nanni Ottavio srl is born.

  2. The first laser

    The purchase of the first car

    In 1995 the company makes an important leap in quality: it is the first mechanical company in the Rimini and Cesena area to equip itself with a laser for cutting sheet metal.

    During the 90s, his children Natascia Nanni and Nicola Nanni become part of the company staff.

  3. Automation

    24/7 Work

    The work on behalf of third parties grows and in 2000 a second turning point arrives: the company opens the new production site in via Novella in Savignano, where it is still located, acquires the second laser and the automation that allows you to work in a continuous cycle, 24 hours a day

  4. Nanni Ottavio Savignano sul Rubicone taglio laser tubo


    High quality standards and nationwide customers

    Laser tube cutting is the beating heart of the business and in 2002, Nanni specialises in processing iron, stainless steel and aluminium, copper and brass tubes. Thanks to the quality of the service offered and to the automation of continuous cycle processing, 24 hours a day, the Nanni workshops become a reference point in the sector, at a national level.

  5. Traceability of all production processes

    New management systems and three-dimensional design

    In 2003 Nicola and Natascia Nanni join the company. The company feels the need to have a precise knowledge of the progress of production and is equipped with the GP90 PLUS management system of the OSL of Savignano sul Panaro (Mo). The management system offers many advantages including the constant monitoring and storage of useful data to provide an immediate response to the renewal of orders of all customers of the Nanni workshops.

  6. Three-dimensional design

    Maximum performance for complete customer satisfaction

    Nanni constantly invests in its own growth, introducing the 3D CAD software for the mechanical design and the creation of a clear documentation for the production into the company. In order to allow a high performance final result before starting the required processing, thanks to the software and to the professionalism of the technicians, the customer’s model is reworked. The process guarantees the maximum precision of the workings and the quality of the final products, both for the processing of single batches and for products produced in series.

  7. Nanni Ottavio Savignano sul Rubicone laser fibra

    The Fibre Laser arrives

    Laser cutting of tubes and bars becomes faster

    The innovation continues, in September 2016, Nanni installs the BML GROUP LT Fibre plant. Tubes and profiles in iron, stainless steel, steel, copper and brass can be cut with extreme precision, using the new fibre laser technology. The quality of the cut increases with productivity, reducing electricity consumption.

  8. Nanni Ottavio Savignano sul Rubicone taglio laser mazak

    A second site with 3 Mazak systems

    The laser fibre for cutting sheet metal

    As well as opening another production space in Budrio di Longiano (Forlì-Cesena), in 2017 Nanni equipped themselves with the innovative Mazak system, with a 6,000 Watt fibre source, to perform high-speed sheet metal cutting with an automated sheet loading/unloading system and sheet metal warehouse. This system offers customers 100% more productivity.

  9. Two establishments

    Management of over 24,000 order lines per year

    With 5,000 square metres, between the production plant in Via Novella in Savignano sul Rubicone (FC) and the branch office in Budrio di Longiano (FC) on Via Emilia, the company employs 35 people, offering solutions for a wide range of end uses: from the manufacture of components for the construction of woodworking machines, to equipment for gyms, kitchen furniture and shops, painting systems for wood and automatic loaders for lathes, components for cars and motorcycles made for the automotive industry.
    Today, Nanni workshops are able to handle more than 24,000 order lines per year, offering solutions for a wide range of end uses.

  10. Nanni Ottavio Savignano sul Rubicone news taglio laser LT14FIBER

    New laser for large tubes and profiles

    The tube laser cutter you've been waiting for

    The large LT14FIBER system from BLM GROUP, for 3D cutting tubes with lengths up to 12.5 metres and weights up to 100 kg/m, arrives at the company. Laser system that expands the service, processing larger profiles and lengths.

  11. EN 1090 certifications

    Even bigger service opportunities

    Our factories: Divisione Tubo di Savignano sul Rubicone [pipes] and Divisione Lamiera di Budrio di Longiano [sheet metal] obtained EN 1090 certification, in October 2019. This document issued by the certifying body RINA S.p.A. certifies that Nanni provides good quality machinery for laser cutting of pipes and sheets, which respect all the regulation requirements. The EN 1090 certifications for our two factories are internationally recognised.

  12. The new 10KW Laser Sheet Metal Plant with a shuttle lift warehouse has been installed.

    A 10KW sheet metal laser with a 1500x4000 working area controlled by a shuttle lift warehouse with 200 drawers and an automatic loading/unloading and sorting system.

    Nanni consistently invests in technological innovation. In the facility dedicated to laser cutting of sheet metal in Budrio di Longiano (FC), specifically in the recently expanded 2,000 square meter area, the new sheet metal laser cutting system with a shuttle lift warehouse with 200 drawers, manufactured by Salvagnini SpA from Veneto, has been installed.

    Thanks to the automatic loading/unloading system for sheets and the shuttle lift warehouse, production changeovers are extremely rapid and safe. Additionally, the automatic sorting system eliminates a significant portion of manual activities involved in separating pieces from scrap metal, returning pieces to the warehouse or onto carts ready for the next phase.

    With 2,000,000 kg of sheet metal processed each year and the support of the new shuttle lift warehouse, Nanni Ottavio once again redefines the concept of “production efficiency”.

  13. The expansion of the Tube Division

    Reached 4,000 square meters of operating area in the Savignano plant dedicated to laser processing of tubes of all sizes. Maintaining a constant commitment to the adoption of innovative and sustainable technologies, the Nanni Tube Laser Processing Division is also powered by electricity generated by its own photovoltaic system, as is the Longiano Sheet Metal Division.
  14. Installation of the LT12 by BLM Group in Savignano

    We are the world’s first to adopt the Laser Cutting System, capable of handling both small-diameter and long, heavy tubes, allowing for loading bars up to 12.5 meters long and weighing up to 62 kg/m. The LT12 by BLM Group is a state-of-the-art Lasertube system, featuring a spindle inserted into the steady rest, minimizing waste in every operation.

A complete service

A production process monitored thanks to its own data storage system, which makes it possible to re-enter an order quickly and at any time

The Nanni group works on the customer’s project, starting from the initial design up to the realisation of the complete product. To date, Nanni has been able to manage more than 24,000 order lines per year, offering solutions for the most varied end uses: from producing components for building woodworking machines, to gym equipment; fitting out kitchens and shops; for the automotive industry, Nanni Ottavio produces components for cars and motorcycles; painting systems for wood, and automatic loaders for lathes.

High quality standards monitored and archived

Punctual responses and deliveries for mass production or individual batches

Iron, stainless steel and aluminium, as well as copper and brass, are all processed in Nanni’s workshops: a company which specialises in processing tubes and sheets. The high quality standards are applied in every phase of the processing: from 3D design to laser cutting, from bending with hydraulic or electric presses to welding; from punching to assembling accessory components, up to finishes such as galvanising and painting. The company’s management allows us to offer traceability for the product processing phases and an immediate response to customers’ renewal orders.