GP90 plus

Knowing and sharing the traceability of all production processes

GP90 PLUS is the management system Nanni Ottavio adopted in 2003 to manage the entire production process and provide real-time information on the progress of each individual order and each individual product; moreover, GP90 PLUS provides traceability for all internal production processes.

This innovation, following the generational change with the entry of Natascia and Nicola Nanni into the management team, has made a decisive impact on the company, providing support for daily work activities, a tool capable of facilitating management, ensuring constant monitoring and storing useful data to provide an immediate response to customers’ order renewals.

GP90 PLUS is a management system produced by O.S.L. srl in Savignano sul Panaro, one of Nanni’s fully trusted partners.

``Years later I can say that I am satisfied with the choice made and that we have found a valuable partner, who has effectively supported our company's needs so far``. Ing. Nicola Nanni

Software that adds value

Data collection and control in the workplace

From production to sorting documents and estimates, from organising the warehouse and orders to attendance checks, to the traceability of products, GP90 PLUS takes care of company organisation with excellent results in every area. The Nanni workshops have adopted the GP90 modules to manage their production dynamics, with excellent results.

  • GP90 PRO (Production Area): the production module allows management, planning and control of the production plan, providing interactive tools to control the work’s progress and define company costs.
  • GP90 MAG Warehouse Area: allows management of customer orders, movements, stocks, material procurement and external work accounts.
  • GP90 RD Production Area: specialised in data collection from the workplace, made up of peripheral devices which can acquire information through barcode readings.