Tube laser cutting processing

Tube laser cutting represents the beating heart of Nanni Ottavio. After leading the way in this segment in the Cesena and Rimini regions, today the company performs this service for customers on a national level, with qualified staff and 5 systems made by BLM Group, a leader in the sector, offering continuous cycle processing: 24 hours a day. Tubes and profiles in iron, stainless steel and steel are cut with extreme precision using laser technology to create high-performing products. Moreover, thanks to the fibre optic laser technology the company owns, copper and brass tubes and profiles, including large tubes, can also be cut.

Workable Sections and Dimensions


From ø10 to ø355


From 10×10 to 260×260


From 15×10 to 300×200

Ovals and Ellipticals

From 15×10 to 300×200

Angular and L shapes

From 15×15 to 200×200

Flat shapes

From 40×5 to 350×15


From 30×33 to 300×100


HEA: From 100×96 to 260×250

HEB: From 100×100 to 240×240


From 100×55 to 300×150

Door and window frames and special sections

On request

Maximum weight of workable bars

Kg/m 100

Length of bars that can be loaded automatically

From 2500 mm to 12500 mm

Maximum length that can be manufactured

12,500 mm fully worked on

3D laser head

It can be used to make chamfers and semi-chamfers.

Materials we work on

Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Galvanised steel

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Laser cutting for large tubes and profiles

High performance in large tube laser cutting, without producing waste. Nanni offers its customers laser cutting for bars up to 12.5 metres in length and up to 100 kg/m in weight.

Cutting without waste

Nanni has an innovative system dedicated to laser cutting large tubes, LT14FIBER from BLM GROUP, which measures each bar and defines the best position for the cutting point. Specifically, each loaded tube is moved and locked by three mandrels, which allow clear and precise cutting geometry. The appropriate software calculates the optimal arrangement of the pieces to be cut and reduces waste to a minimum. Furthermore, the machine arranges the pieces cut in different ways according to their length or type, speeding up the identification phase before packing for delivery.

Achievement and innovation

The combination of the fibre-optic source with 3d laser cutting offers our customers infinite possibilities for design innovation.

Compared to the past, this system allows us to expand the dimensions and lengths of the workable commercial sections, and also to add beam processing. The service you’ve been waiting for!

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