Sheet metal laser cutting

In the Sheet Metal division of Longiano (FC), Nanni performs laser sheet metal cutting. The company is equipped with a 10KW sheet metal laser system with a working area of 1500×4000, serviced by a shuttle lift warehouse with 200 drawers and a loading/unloading system with automatic sorting. Cuts of every shape are made on sheets up to a maximum size of 4,000 × 1500. From 3D design to laser cutting, from bending with hydraulic or electric presses to welding; from punching to assembling accessory components to finishes such as galvanizing and painting, the work process is carried out in a highly professional and precise manner, always offering maximum performance for complete customer satisfaction: from medium-small artisanal realities to the largest multinational corporations.

Materials we work on

Pickled sheet

DC01 – DD11 – S235JR – S355JR

Workable thicknesses:

From 5/10 to 150/10

Stainless steel

AISI 304 – 316 – 430 finishes F1-2B-SB-BA-RI

Workable thicknesses:

From 5/10 to 100/10

Tempered steel

For springs – C75

Workable thicknesses:

From 3/10 to 50/10


Alloy 5754 Peraluman

Workable thicknesses:

From 5/10 to 60/10

Galvanised sheet metal

Workable thicknesses:

From 5/10 to 40/10


Workable thicknesses:

From 5/10 to 80/10


Workable thicknesses:

From 5/10 to 80/10

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Sander/satin finisher

Finishing, rounding the edges and satin finishing the sheet metal surfaces

Nanni has installed specific machinery for sanding, polishing, finishing and satin finishing metals. Angles, edges and surfaces are finished and rounded to perfection.

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