The new 10KW Laser Sheet Metal Plant with a shuttle lift warehouse has been installed.

A 10KW sheet metal laser with a 1500×4000 working area controlled by a shuttle lift warehouse with 200 drawers and an automatic loading/unloading and sorting system.

Nanni consistently invests in technological innovation. In the dedicated laser cutting facility for sheet metal in Budrio di Longiano (FC), specifically within the recently expanded 2,000 square meter area, a Vertical Warehouse with 200 drawers has been installed, manufactured by Salvagnini SpA from Veneto.

Thanks to the automatic loading/unloading system for sheets and the shuttle lift warehouse, production changeovers are extremely rapid and safe. Additionally, the automatic sorting system eliminates a significant portion of manual activities involved in separating pieces from scrap metal, returning pieces to the warehouse or onto carts ready for the next phase.

With the implementation of the new plant, Nanni has chosen to optimize the flow and traceability of cut pieces using the new 10KW fiber source sheet metal laser with a cutting field of 1500 x 4000, eliminating many intermediate handling phases of the pieces. This significant investment aims to offer customers maximum precision and the best service in sheet metal laser cutting, just as extensively considered and put into practice for cutting beams and tubes of all sizes.

Today, with 7 laser plants, 549,000 meters of tube, and 2,000,000 kg of sheet metal processed each year across two specific divisions, in an operational area of 8,500 square meters, Nanni Ottavio once again redefines the concept of “production efficiency.