What is GP90?

GP90 came into being in the mid-1980s within CMS, when the company management decided to call upon a pool of computer scientists, within the organisation, to create a product that could meet their integrated work requirements and collect production times directly from the workplaces.

O.s.l. S.r.l. and GP90 therefore originated from the interest shown by the CMS industrial group’s customers and suppliers, who saw the IT solutions as an excellent opportunity to streamline and manage production dynamics.

Today, GP90  boasts more than 700 installations throughout the country and is structured in its three Macro Modules:

  • GP90 PRO (Production Area): the production module allows management, planning and control of the production plan, providing interactive tools to control the work’s progress and define company costs.
  •  GP90 MAG (Warehouse Area): the warehouse module allows management of customer orders, movements, stocks, material procurement and external work accounts through specific functions.
  • GP90 RD (Production Area): the RD-PLUS system is a specialised system for collecting data from the workplace, made up of peripheral devices which can acquire information through barcode readings.